Dr. Kellyann: Inflammation and Gut Healing

Welcome to Episode #18 of the Healing Pain Podcast Dr. Kellyann! 

Today we are joined by Today we are joined by Dr. Kellyann Pertucci.

Persistent low grade inflammation raging throughout the body can lead to chronic pain. For many the source of inflammation comes directly from our diet, which is pro-inflammatory. This is often the one thing your physician is not telling you and is frequently overlooked as the key step in healing chronic pain. About 100 million Americans struggle with chronic pain AND about 100 million Americans are insulin resistant. There is a link between insulin resistance, obesity and many of the chronic inflammatory diseases today including:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Diabetes
  • Neurologic diseases
  • Musculoskeletal pain syndromes

Dr. Kellyann Pertucci joins us today on the Healing Pain Podcast and discussed how to squelch inflammation, heal the gut and alleviate pain by incorporating delicious bone broth into the diet. Bone broth has been used for centuries as a way to get powerful nutrients, heal the gut and decrease systemic inflammation. Best part is it only takes 21-Days to heal the gut and feel better.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • The hidden reasons why so many people have stubborn or resistant weight loss.
  • How to prevent/heal this silent inflammation and heal your gut.
  • Fat burning foods to “reboot” your system.
  • How to incorporate bone broth in our diet.
  • How to prepare bone broth in a fast and easy way in just minutes


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Dr. Kelly in, welcome to the Healing Pain Podcast, it’s great to have you here this week.

Oh, it’s an honor to be here with you Joe.

So I wanted to have you on cause we’re just about to head into the holiday season.


And it’s a time where people get into a little bit of a sticking problem with their weight, and their food, and their nutrition. So tell us, just talking about food around the holiday time, where do people make mistakes, and what should they watch out for?

Sure, so this is a time of celebration. And one of the things I always stand behind is eating well but living well. So we all still want to have fun, we want to enjoy the holidays, but how do you do this without packing on the pounds? And what I say is that you can hedge yourself. So this is how I have helped patients for over 20 years, hedge themselves. And I do it with myself, so I don’t come off of the holidays seven to ten pounds heavier, which is the average statistics. Seven to ten pounds heavier is how we usually come out in January. And that’s no fun, because then we got work to do, right?

A lot of work after that, yeah.

A lot of work especially if you are of an advanced age, and you have stubborn weight, which is hard to get off in the first place. Packing on that additional seven pounds, it makes it really tough and you end up just gaining weight every year. So here’s what I would suggest, one of the reasons why I talk so much about bone broth … And I mean let’s face it, I have had very specialized training in Europe and Switzerland, and I’ve been privy to a lot of modalities, treatment protocols, which are really amazing and fantastic, and I’m spending my life [inaudible 00:01:37]

The reason why is because as a practitioner, when we see something, and you know we see something that works so well for so many people, that the results seem to be typical, it gets our attention, we pay attention. You can actually use this wonderful bone broth, so multifaceted, and this is a perfect way you can use it to hedge yourself from gaining weight over the holidays. And here’s how you do it. You simply incorporate broth before you eat your meals. You have broth before you go to those parties, you have broth with your meals, it’s simple, it’s easy, it’s hearty, and it’s couldn’t fit better with the holiday meals that we have.

So I love it, I mean I’m having a cup right now because I’m hedging myself for the day. I’m going to be in Manhattan having lunch today, and it gets festive, so I hedge myself by having some bone broth now. And I know that on average, according to a Penn State study, I know that on average, I am going to weigh seven to ten pounds less just by incorporating soups and broths in my diet. And that’s significant, particularly when you look at it year by year by year.

Yeah. And it’s so important. I mean just talking about going into Thanksgiving and Christmas, so many people are going to be cooking and preparing meals. What perfect way to include some health into your diet, and to your family’s weight, other than putting some bone broth into your meal plan for the holidays.

And you know, it’s such a great talking point. Because you bring that up about bone broth, where you have the bone broth simmering over the stove. Or if you have it in your slow cooker, or even if you made it in a pressure cooker which we’ll talk about, is another option for quick broth. If you decide to throw some together really quickly for your family, it’s such a great conversational piece that really ties the family in together. Because the history behind bone broth is really interesting Joe, because it’s been around since the hunter gatherer days. They actually used to heat stones by the fire, and they would put these stones in the intestines of animals and use their actual gut to make these soups.

And then of course we know that way back in the Nightingale times, they would use soups, these broths, to heal patients, to heal invalids. We know that almost every family had the cauldron over the fire, over the stove, and they would always have that broth simmering and cooking. And you use all parts of the animal, so it’s considered very sustainable. And it’s a great medicinal food, medicinal, and that’s what’s important. I talk about slimmer and younger, and by God will it get you slimmer and younger, but it’s also a medicinal food. So you can see when I talk about all these things, all these things that it does, that’s why I get excited about it, and that’s why I’ve made it my life’s work.

Yeah. I love bone broth, I use it all the time. I just have it in the morning, I put a little bit of natural sea salt in it, maybe a little bit of crushed oregano. A little bit of olive oil to give it some extra kick in the morning which is wonderful, but you’re an anti-aging and weight loss expert, all natural. Talk to us about, so you mention it’s been around for ages, centuries, talk to us about what’s actually happening in our body when we drink bone broth.

Oh try and stop me, cause this is where I get excited. So if you were to take every patient that I have ever seen, in over 20 years, and you were to put them in a football field, and I were to dilute out or dilute down, what is it that got them where they wanted to be. What is it, what started their problems, and what got them slimmer, younger, healthier? Well it’s three things. And this is really important, I hope everyone pays attention to this because if you get one thing out of this conversation today it should be this. In order to get that vision of yourself, whatever that is, there’s three things that have to happen.

Number one, you have to have a healthy gut, you have to heal the gut. Number two, you have to lead an anti-inflammatory lifestyle. You have to get that inflammation out of your body. And number three, you have to teach yourself to become a natural fat burner. That is, maintain and control all of this resistance that we’re having, all this insulin resistance, these pre-diabetic conditions that we’re seeing more and more of all of the time. You have to streamline that, you’ve got to figure that out. Cause that’s when your brain functions, that’s when your metabolism functions, that’s when your endocrine system functions better. We can do all of that working together for you and not against you, and we can do that when we accomplish those things.

And I gotta say it again Joe, I gotta bring it back home to bone broth. Because bone broth can accomplish all three of those things. Not only can it accomplish it, but it accomplishes it effectively, quickly, and beautifully.

Yeah. I love that because you’re talking about insulin resistance. And we know, there’s probably about 25 million people who fit into the perfect stereotypical diabetic framework.


Probably 100 million people who are insulin resistance, meaning they’re on their way there. And what’s so fascinating to me about that number is that there are also about 100 million people have chronic pain. So think about that, we have insulin resistance about 100 million, we have chronic pain about 100 million, so they’re intimately intimately related. But you’re talking about healing the gut. Once someone starts to drink bone broth and incorporate it into their diet, how long will it take them to heal their gut?

That’s a great question. And I have to tell you, I’ve never been asked that before. It’s 21 days. And surely we can do anything for 21 days. And here’s where I’m basing that knowledge, we are constantly regenerating. And this is the beautiful thing about our enate system, why the human body fascinates me on every level. And it’s been a source of my deepest curiosity since I’ve been very young, because of this very reason. And one of the reasons why that happens is because our cells in our body have a lifecycle. They have a lifecycle. In your intestines, the lifecycle of those cells are 21 days, 21 days. That’s why we put people on the bone broth diet for 21 days, for that reason. So then, does it not make sense if you feed your body the right raw material, for that 21 days, the lifespan of those cells, does it not then make sense that you’re going to have a beautiful new terrain. A beautiful new environment, a beautiful new micro biome as we call it.

So this is why it’s so important. And if you think about it like this, we have 25 feet of intestines inside our body. They’re coiled up, they’re there, they’re a tube. And throughout this tube, it’s 10,000 square feet of surface area in which we have a whole environment lined with these microbes, or bugs. So make no mistake about it, we are bags of bugs, that’s what we are. And again, it’s a matter of getting these bugs to work for us and not against us. In order for us to be really healthy, in order for us to really be beautiful, and even slim, and this is new science. For us to even be slim, this bacteria has got to be healthy.

And here’s the most interesting fact, we may have 60 trillion cells in our body, but do you know that we actually have 100 trillion of these microbes? 100 trillion. That’s a whole lot to play with. Think about it, if you have this, your internal [inaudible 00:09:18] as they call it in Europe, which is the cells and all the fluids outside the cells. It’s your fish tank. If you keep this hearty, if you keep this healthy, if you keep this well, if you feed it properly, you are going to be so nutrified, so satisfied, that your body isn’t going to be constantly craving and wanting more. Because that’s what happens. We have people that look so overfed that are obese, but yet they’re still malnourished.

So the name of the game in nutrition is really to have this kind of effect. And what I mean by this is you’re pulling toxins out of your body, and you’re pushing nutrition in. You constantly want this play right here, push nutrition into the cells, confuses the cells. It confuses the body in such a way that you have complete satiety, you’re completely satiated, your body is not hungry and searching, and pecking around for more all the time. And you know what I mean. So that’s how you do it. So you really have to have this gut really healed. You have to have the system, this micro biome of yours really healed. It’s incredibly important, and you can’t hide your physiology.

So I always say, as practitioners, particularly when you’ve been doing it for so long, and you [inaudible 00:10:38] We’re just getting into North America in the recent years, I have been a player in this whole gut micro biome since 1999 when I learned it.


Europe learned it way back then. So I will tell you, that if somebody comes up to me and they … And you know you become like the bionic woman, like you are checking everybody out. You can’t help it when you’re a practitioner, you just do it. I can see the health of their gut immediately. You can see it in their skin, you can see it, you know they’re paler, you can see it in their eyes, you can just see it. You can’t hide your physiology. That gut health shows up everywhere, it just does, it shows up everywhere.

Yeah. And one of the things I talk about constantly is the impact of your gut health, or your micro biome, on your pain levels. Can you talk about that briefly?

Yeah. Your micro biome, and the reason why we have a sick gut, and the reason why we’re in so much pain, and by the way achy joints is one of the most common things that we see as practitioners. Achy joints, and you don’t have to have achy joints. It’s not necessary. You’re going through unnecessary pain. A lot of the headaches that we have, a lot of … You know this is your deal Joe, and this is your preach here. But I have to tell you, it’s so closely lined. Because when your body’s on fire, when your body has that on button. And let me explain this really quickly. You have a sore throat, you break a bone, inflammation comes in, comes in, he does it’s job, and dissipates. It just comes in, does it’s job, and bye bye it’s gone. Body’s functioning beautifully.

But what if that inflammation came in to save the day, but there’s no war to fight, and it’s confused, and that on button just stays on. And your body gets redder, and hotter, and more inflamed. And this is why we have all of the modern day diseases that we have today. I am so sure of this, from hearing patients, and seeing their c-reactive proteins, and seeing the difference. I mean you can [inaudible 00:12:44] everything. Heart disease, diabetes. When you think about that, obesity, cancer, all the autoimmune problems. All of the suffering is because your body is confused.


Your body is constantly confused.

Every single disease you just mentioned has it’s root in inflammation. And whenever there’s inflammation, there’s pain. So every single one of those diseases have pain as one of the underlying or at times the primary symptom. So just talking about it is helpful to get the message out.

It really is.

Let’s talk about fat burning, because we need to burn fat, cause that fat is inflammatory. What are your favorite fat burning foods?

Yeah, so when we talk about fat burning, and I love how you say fat cells, cause fat cells are inflammatory. And this is what people don’t understand. You get caught in a psychotic, you get caught in a psychotic wheel, and here’s how it works. More fat, more inflammation, more fat, more inflammation, more fat, more inflammation. It is the hamster wheel of hell. So let’s just back track all this, and let’s talk about how we can stop the cycle. And one of the things that you can do [inaudible 00:13:59] to get the inflammation out and become this natural fat burner that we’re talking about.

And when I talk about burning fat Joe, I’m talking about the real stuff. I’m talking about this stuff, this stuff, this stuff. The stuff, gut, the butt, all of that stuff. Stored fats. Every time we think that we can get all of this off just by doing cardio, we are doing our body a disservice. Your body doesn’t work like that, it never did work like that. What it does is you over-exercise to try to compensate for all the other stuff that’s going on in your life, you create hormonal hell. It’s not the way you balance your hormones. I’m a big believer in exercise, please I don’t want anyone to misunderstand what I just said. But it all matters. So eating the right foods in addition to exercise. Food is actually 80% of it, exercise is 20%, that’s the facts. That’s not coming from me, that’s actual raw data.

So I love, I love bone broth to burn fat because it’s got all the amino acids, it’s got the protein in there. It’s all up-building foods. All of these up-building foods in real low … So it’s high in nutrition, low in calories. And that’s just a beautiful blend, because you’re getting everything that you need. Marrow, if you have marrow in the broth [inaudible 00:15:15] Because you’re building up your blood, so that’s really amazing. We’ll talk about [inaudible 00:15:21] and gelatin a little later, which [inaudible 00:15:26] great fat burner. Great fat burning food, believe it or not, is fermented foods. And I’m sure you’ve had people on here talk about fermented foods, but how [inaudible 00:15:39]

Gets those in your body, it gets them working for you and not against you. So you get that gut sealed real tight, and your body will then digest and metabolize as it should. So there’s no muck, there’s no waste, your body’s not wasting it’s time. It becomes and efficient machine. And another fat burning food that I love, and I can sing the praises of this all day and all night, and that is healthy fats. People have to understand that in order to burn fat, you actually have to eat fats. Another fact. So I love … When you’re starting to feel like, you know what I’m hitting a wall, I need something. Instead of grabbing junk which is only gonna get you in the same place, cravings and crashes, cravings and crashes, I sip on broth. Or I grab some coconut chips, or I start munching on some olives, or some kind of higher fat food that is going to satiate you.

Because the other stuff, the 100 calorie snack packs, it’s gonna get you in the same circle an hour later, it just is. It’s just a very short term fix. We know this, this is just a reminder. But I love bone broth, I love fermented foods, and I love healthy fats. And don’t forget about proteins, particularly grass-fed proteins. And here’s why, I know that sometimes it can be a little bit of a money crunch, I completely understand that. And so what I say to people, is you’re still getting benefits if you incorporate protein in your diet, even if it’s not 100% pure and natural. But what I say is, be honest with yourself with the financial allocations in your life, be honest, can you really not afford it? Be completely clear with yourself.

Because when you get the grass-fed meats, it has something called CLA’s, conjugated linoleic acids, this is a wonderful protective fat. And it’s also a great way to burn fats. So the CLA’s, and it’s also in butter that’s made from grass-fed cows, that’s another way to get that. So these are all fat burning foods, these proteins, these fibrous vegetables. And really knowing how to build a plate, and sipping on bone broth, and other kind of foods that get you in that zone. And so knowing how to build a plate is super important, it’s super important. Know that your plate has to have some protein on it, know that there’s two types of vegetables. There’s fibrous vegetables, and there’s energy vegetables. There’s those vegetables that give you that energy when you need it, after post-workout or if you’re feeling kind of like I need more. There’s the fibrous vegetables which are all those greens, and all that stuff that make you robust, and make your eyes glisten, and make your skin beautiful, and prevent cancer, and all these things we know about.

And then we know about the healthy fats. In terms of fruits, I like berries because berries have so many antioxidants in them, they don’t have as high of a sugar. Your body doesn’t have to deal with as much sugar so that you don’t have the insulin spikes. I love that. And they’re also kind of like a mini dose of like sunscreen, because they prevent your body from wrinkling from the sun. So I love grabbing a handful of berries, I love grabbing a handful of berries every day. So knowing how to build a plate with these fat burning foods, and bone broth, you know that’s the one two punch. Right so you’re sipping on bone broth, you’re not eating as much, you’re getting all that nutrition. So again you’re confusing your body in a positive way, wow I have enough nutrition. I’m not having cravings and crashes, and I’m not digging in the bottom of my purse for anything I can shove in my mouth that’s gonna satiate this crazy hunger that I have.

It’s really an important part of living an anti-inflammatory life, is knowing how to build a plate.

Excellent. So lots and lots of good take homes there. What I want to start to talk about is we’re just about to head into the holiday season. The people are cooking, I know you like to keep things really simple and easy for people. So people are gonna have a big turkey on their table, whether it’s Thanksgiving, or Christmas, or anywhere in between. Celebrating with friends and family and coworkers. How do we make bone broth, how do we make it simple? We got this big turkey now, what do we do, cause obviously there are bones there left over.

Oh, turkey broth is the best. So what’s gonna happen is, everyone in your family, once you start making this is gonna love it, that you’re gonna have a war for who gets the carcass. It’s gonna be a full out war, I promise you. So you take the carcass, so all the meat’s off. So everybody has scavenger’d through the meat during dinner, and you’ve got this carcass. So you have three choices, you can either make bone broth with a normal stock pot, the stock pot you see over the stove where they simmer. You could make it in a slow cooker, which by the way is my absolute favorite way to make it. Or you could make it in a pressure cooker. And for the longest time, I would tell people, no no no, the pressure cooker that’s four hours, no way. You’re not gonna get anything gelatinous happening outta there. But I was wrong, I started getting all these pictures from people.

Look, Dr. Kellyann, look at how gelatinous this is. So I tested it out, and low and behold, they’re right. You actually can get hearty good gelatinous broth with a pressure cooker. So I’m just going to use the example of the slow cooker, because that’s what most people do. So you take the carcass, you put it in the slow cooker, and I mean this is how crazy easy it is. You put it in the slow cooker, and I always, and no matter what broth I make, even if I make fish broth, I put celery, onion, and carrots in it. I mean it’s so non-cognitive, it’s so not in your head, it’s so easy, it’s so slap together ish.

It’s like this, you take the celery, bam one chop, you throw it in. Take the carrots, bam one chop, you can even break em, throw em in. Take the onion, four way, two chops, throw it in. So you’ve got the carcass in there, you’ve got your celery, onions, carrots. You want to put water, about one inch over all of this. And then whatever flavorings that you like, whatever flavorings that you like. I like lemongrass, whatever it is that you want, whatever seasonings, whatever your groove is, you throw it in there. You plug it in, and bam you’re done. So about 12 to 18 hours for turkey is good. And you want to see that jiggling, you want to see that gelatin.

And a lot of people put a little bit of lemon juice, or they’ll put apple cider vinegar, to pull the good stuff from the bones. What I have found is that’s not necessary. You can still do that, but you still get beautiful gelatinous broth with or without it, I’ve tested both out, and it worked beautifully without it. What you want when you’re thinking about making bone broth, you want cartilage. So think about where do you get the bones for all of that, you want to develop a relationship with your butcher. I’m telling you, this is a relationship that you want to have. Let them know that you’re making broth, that you’re making it on a regular basis. They will guide you, they will tell you what to do. And it’s a great relationship to have, but you want bones that have cartilage. Because this cartilage is going to end up giving you the collagen that you need. And the collagen is going to cook collagen, is gelatin.

And gelatin is the magic force behind this broth. And here’s why. Say you get a sunburn on your arm. And you say, you know what, I got this sunburn, I need to heal and soothe it. So you put some aloe vera on, right, that’s what a lot of us do. And it heals it, it soothes it. Well think about your intestines, and we talked about Joe how it’s very red, very inflamed, because of pains, because of having a sick gut. Well then think about if you put this gelatin on, it soothes that area, it does the same thing that aloe vera does. It goes into the gut, it goes into the intestines, it heals it, it soothes it, it gets it rock strong again. So you want those bones with a lot of cartilage on there, and that’s all you have to know about making bone broth it’s really quite easy. So things like chicken feet, they actually have a ton of this cartilage, this gelatinous type of material that’s gonna end up coming out.

So really, little things like that. When I’m making beef broth I love to put short ribs in there, it gives it a really nice flavor. Ox tail will give it a really nice flavor, things like that. So there’s all kinds of little tricks and tips and my cookbook, Dr. Kellyann’s diet cook book. You’re gonna see lots of these fat burning recipes that we talked about. Building a plate, I mean the book was designed, it was actually engineered to teach people, these are the fat burning foods. And there’s tons of broth recipes in there including a turkey broth recipe in there. There’s several actually. So you really don’t have to think about this. This is as pure and as simple, and it’s really the world’s first fast food because it’s so great to have this, you can have this on the ready all the time. And it tastes beautiful, and like I said, I would wager anything that there’s going to be fights at your house for that turkey carcass, I just see it.

I mean it is so simple, which is really incredible. And I want to talk to you about your book, but before we do that, obviously your first book was a New York Times bestseller, which is incredible. You’ve helped thousands and thousands of people all over the world. But talk to me just for a moment about some of the unexpected things that happened from that book, and from this enormous platform you’ve built. Things that you never thought were gonna happen probably. I mean obviously you’re healing people’s health, you’re healing their gut, you’re helping them with inflammation, but what are some of the kind of deeper, big ah ha’s that came up from that book?

Well, I would say the biggest one is that, and I mean this, the book really did start a revolution. And I don’t say that lightly. And I knew the book was going to do well, and here’s why I knew, because I lived that life, and I couldn’t believe as a doctor, how typical the results were. Because in the book, I use bone broth as part of a mini fasting type of situation, I use all these wonderful wonderful things that you can get from fasting without the discomfort. That was one of the big big ah ha’s of the book, is that it took these fat burning foods and it combined it with this mini fasting system that I use with the broth. So I knew it was going to do well. I never ever thought in a million years it was going to do as well as it did.

I never thought it would create the stir, I never thought that I would have all of these celebrities, and now politicians, and just everybody. They know it’s getting you slimmer and younger. It’s getting you slimmer and younger. And how many times can you say that? You certainly can’t put that on a book without actually testing that out, like tested it out on three cities. It makes your skin so beautiful, and I would like to see … I would like to see all these women that really felt hopeless … I just never thought it would touch the amount of people that it did. And I mean the book has taken a life of it’s own. It really has, it’s incredible.

When I think about it, I just wrote a letter yesterday to everybody in my community. And I got really welled up, so it’s so funny you’re bringing this up. And that’s why it’s hitting an emotional cord, because I thought, my gosh, this is unbelievable what’s happened. It’s unbelievable. And to have the privilege to be messenger, is mind blowing.

Yeah. So take us to the next book. So your next book is just about to come out, tell us about your next book and how that’s gonna help people.

Yeah. So the next book is a bone broth diet cook book. And I gotta tell you Joe, I was not gonna write this. And here’s why. Because it’s been such a crazy thing, I had a PBS special along with the book that was a tremendous, enormous success. Thanks to everyone out there who was ready to be engaged, they were ready for something different, they were ready for it, that’s what it told me. And so I had so much touring to do, and I was building a brand, a Dr. Kellyann brand behind all of this. I wasn’t really into writing yet, and eighth book. I’ll say that again, and eighth book.

Eight books, incredible, congratulations.

Thank you. But I did, and I have to tell you, it’s absolutely something I am so proud of. It’s a glorious book, it’s got over 125 recipes in there. And how it’s going to help people is it’s going to put delicious food on your plate without all of the gluten, without all of the grains. And you’re going to find out that you can make delicious, beautiful food, elegant foods, you can make them simply. I mean even to the point where you can have them out at the holidays, and you’re going to be the biggest hit on the block, you just are. Because people are not going to feel like they swallowed a bowling ball after they eat these foods. So it’s all kind of beautiful broths in there. And every recipe in there, I have to tell you, is ever green. You’re not going to find it scaling the, you’re not going to find it scaling the internet, because they’re all new.

It’s been a crazy crazy journey. And the reason why it’s had such an impact is because, I’m telling you Joe, the stuff works. The stuff works, and sometimes what works best is just right there under your nose. I mean we’re talking about simple broth here. We just created your whole show around something simple as broth. Because that’s how it goes down sometimes. Sometimes the simplest things are what’s most effective for your body.

Excellent. So you gave us a ton of take homes today which is really amazing. Right around the holiday times, which is a time where I think people need the most support around weight loss and anti-aging. Because they’re intimately related. So tell us how people can learn more about you, learn more about your books.

Sure. So again, my book is Dr. Kellyann’s bone broth diet. The book coming out is Dr. Kellyann’s bone broth diet cook book, and I hope you enjoy them. You can be directed to anything that you want in the Dr. Kellyann brand, at Dr. Kellyann, D-R-K-E-L-L-Y-A-N-N. Dr. Kellyann dot com. I have to tell you, I have great products. And I actually this one product I’m super proud of, which is a collagen broth that comes in packets. You rip it open and you put it in a mug with hot water, and it’s bone broth. I mean it tastes like a beautiful bone broth. You know all organic pastures, pasture raised sources. So it’s really amazing, people love it. And it’s great for on the go. So while you’re traveling during the holidays, it’s a great little things to have these little packets.

Excellent. So I want to thank Dr. Kellyann for being on the healing pain podcast this week. Right before the holiday times so give you some great tips and opportunities to heal your gut, as well as heal your health. Make sure to check her out at Dr. Kellyann dot com. Make sure to check out both of her books on bone broth, and the bone broth diet, and we’ll see you next week.

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Kellyann Petrucci, M.S., N.D., is the author of the New York Times bestselling book Dr. Kellyann’s Bone Broth Diet (Rodale, 2015). She also is host of the PBS special, 21 Days to a Slimmer, Younger You.

A weight-loss and natural anti-aging transformation expert, Dr. Petrucci has a private practice in the Birmingham, Michigan area and is a concierge doctor for celebrities in New York City and Los Angeles. She is a board-certified naturopathic physician and a certified nutrition consultant.

Dr. Petrucci is a regular guest on television shows including The Doctors, Dr. Oz, and national news programs, and has authored six books for John Wiley & Sons. In addition, she is a regular contributor to The Huffington Post and MindBodyGreen. She is the driving force behind the popular website drkellyann.com.

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  • A platform to discuss pain treatment, research and advocacy.

If you would like to appear in an episode of The Healing Pain Podcast or know someone with an incredible story of overcoming pain contact Dr. Joe Tatta at [email protected]. Experts from the fields of medicine, physical therapy, chiropractic, nutrition, psychology, spirituality, personal development and more are welcome.

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