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Toxic Foods to Avoid

Toxic Foods to Avoid

The Greeks in ancient times called inflammation the “internal fire”. Many physicians still describe the inflammatory process in this way. Think of it as a ...
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Top Reasons to Take a Probiotic

Ever wonder why some people sail through the winter without a single cold, and other people always seem just plain sick and tired? The healthy ...
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The Obesity and Inflammation Connection

Most people by now know that excess body weight is bad for your health. What many do not know is that there is a very ...
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Top Strategies to Kick the Sugar Cravings

Top Strategies to Kick the Sugar Cravings

Two of the worst pieces of advice concerning diabetes and weight loss is to eat a low-fat diet and to choose artificial sweeteners. Believe it ...
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A Deadly Trio - Insulin Resistance, Pain & Obesity

A Deadly Trio- Insulin Resistance, Pain & Obesity

Insulin resistance is defined as the state where the body produces insulin and does not get the expected biological effect that it should, which is ...
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Alleviate Pain Caused by Type 2 Diabetes

Alleviate Pain Caused by Type 2 Diabetes

In the US, 29.1 million people have type 2 diabetes (9.3% of the population), and a whopping 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. As ...
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Simple Ways to Improve Gut Health & Lower Inflammation

There have been tremendous strides in the research of establishing the link between our gut health and overall health. We now know our gut bacteria ...
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Ketogenic Diet for Weight Loss and Pain Relief

Ketogenic Diet for Weight Loss & Pain Relief

Much of the focus on weight loss and preventing heart disease has been on reducing dietary fat which has proven to be an utter failure. ...
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Healthy Fats

Eat Fat, Heal Pain- How Healthy Fats Modulate Pain

Do you avoid fat like the plague? Traditional nutritional dogma would have you believe that fat makes you fat. In fact, the exact opposite is ...
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